Learning Through Making

This summer I have dedicated some of my personal professional learning toward learning about Makerspaces.  While I am far from an expert, I am excited about the path forward.  This year I will be joined in developing more opportunities to learn through creation by another teacher.  This is exciting because I have another teacher that believes in the value of teaching science and math through creating.

There are many reasons for teaching through creation. Giving kids something to accomplish gives the learning focus.  It also creates an opportunity to learn more from mistakes.  When I see what my mistake means for my creation, I can learn not only how to fix it, but how to improve in other areas as well.  Most importantly however, creating content and generating ideas will be increasingly valuable.

Reading science fiction is something I truly enjoy, but not just for a break from reality, but because the best authors take theoretical science and create a new reality.  In our world today, many of the theoretical ideas that are being developed have roots in these alternate realities.  As I think about the amazing advancements in areas like 3D Printing, computing, and robotics, I am not only excited, I am in awe.

Now I find myself with the opportunity to provide learning opportunities for my own students that include these seemingly miraculous developments.  Giving them the opportunity to learn and develop into leaders in the future starts with access to opportunity today.  I can only hope the space we are trying to create inspires our students to develop a passion and love for creating new and incredible things.

I hope to write a lot more about our developing Makerspace and the children that will make it an incredible place as the year continues, as well as share their many brilliant ideas.


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