A Magical Feeling


While I often share about my experience, my view points, and my kids, today I am going to simply talk about me.  Today I am going to spend just a moment to share in my own personal excitement.

All of us have hopes, dreams, and things we want to accomplish in our lives.  Those bucket list items vary in size and achievability, but regardless of what they are, there is nothing more amazing than being able to check one off.

Last week I was able to check off one of my biggest personal dreams.  Since I was in elementary school I always thought about writing a book.  I even once attempted a novel in college only to find out that:  1. it was 10 pages long because I was so excited for the big finale I forgot to write a book, and 2. it had essentially the same plot as “A Beautiful Mind” a story I had previously been unfamiliar with at the time.

When I started working with children and learning about children’s literacy, I realized that books that boys would enjoy from ages 8-11 were sparse at best.  I was inspired by some wonderful books in the genre as well as by the kids with whom I spent my day.

Several years ago I wrote a book.  I looked into the publishing process only to find out that getting companies to read your manuscript was highly unlikely and thus gave up on that dream.  I would still pull the book out every year to read it with kids, make adjustments, and then put it away again.

Two years ago I read the book to my class and the support staff member in my room enjoyed it.  I asked if she would draw pictures for it knowing how talented she was and that she would enjoy it.  When I saw her work I was speechless.  When I found out I could easily have someone (y42k publishing) I was beyond excited.

Now, after having gone through such a long process, filled with setbacks, excitement, and frustrations, I have my very own book.  It is a real thing, available for purchase on Amazon like all other things on earth…

It has my name on the cover (along with my amazing illustrator Billee Nicosia -want illustrations, I bet you can hire her!) and a life long goal has been achieved.  There is something absolutely magical, inspiring, and empowering about reaching for a dream and then holding it in your hands.  Its a feeling I wish for everyone, and I had to share it!


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