Little Geniuses (week 1)

I am embarking once again on a journey that I find to be both incredible and and difficult.  It is an opportunity for me to demonstrate what is possible to kids, parents, and staff at my school.  That journey is known as Genius Hour.  This year I am at the mercy of managing 35 small minds as they find ways to turn their passions into reality.

For the record, I did not do any genius hour projects last year (it took time to build up the relationship and trust within our school for me to undertake this enlightening process yet again.)  This time around, I am armed with much more knowledge and understanding of how I can best facilitate for my students.

We started with reading.  We read What Do You Do With an Idea, Iggy Peck Architect, Rosie Revere Engineer, and On a BeamUnknown.jpegUnknown-2.jpegUnknown-1.jpegUnknown-3.jpeg of Light.

We talked about dreaming, thinking, building, creating, and problem solving.  I spent a lot of time preparing them for the idea that they would be working out many of these problems alone.

We a

Many of my students have since been inspired.  They came up with several ideas each, and every one of them has developed an initial plan for at least one idea they want to create.

Yesterday my 2nd Grade students began researching.  I started with a brief review of citizenship and being aware of that the internet was a fantastic tool but also a vast wasteland filled with things that would eat up their time (don’t pretend you haven’t spent an hour looking at essentially nothing). I prepped them for the possibility that they would find things they should not, but then I left them with my trust.

In a short time I have been very impressed with how they have developed ideas and planned out many of the important details of their projects.  I am eager to see what happens, and share more each week as it unfolds.