Happy New Year

Welcome to a new year.  So many of my teaching colleagues have already started back to school.  Some of you have even begun your year with your students.  This time of year has always been so exciting.  While many teachers do lament the end of summer, nearly every teacher is eager and excited about the journey they are about to begin.  I am only different in that by August I am eagerly awaiting the end of Summer.

This year is no different in that respect.  It is however going to be the beginning of a new journey for me personally.  Those of you who know me, know I have spent the past 7 years teaching primary grades at a tiny school in southern New Jersey.  I will still be in southern New Jersey, but everything else around me is about to change.  I am taking on a new challenge as a Middle School Technology Integration Specialist.  That major change will bring me new challenges, new opportunities, and new excitements.

I have had the great fortune of working with amazing staff, kids, and families.  I have been lucky enough to have had a positive impact on an incredible community.  I hope to have that kind of impact in my new school, in this new community.  Expect to hear a lot more reflections as I make a fairly big change this year.  I am going to need this space for reflection and hopefully feedback from so many of the amazing mentors I have grown to appreciate in so many ways.


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