Big Fish

Tomorrow marks my first day of my new journey. A new district, new school, new responsibilities, and new kids all await me. It begins with “new teacher orientation”. Many people have scoffed at this and I am sure there will be a few dull moments, but I am actually very excited for it. 

I am excited because everything about where I am heading is about to be different.  I have a lot to learn. I am excited because I have spent the last several years as a big fish in a small glass of water (a pond would be far too big.) Everyone knew who I was and I came with a reputation for being different. 

This new experience will be like jumping from my little glass into the ocean. The school I will be working in is almost ten times the size of my previous district.  It brings with it a new set of challenges, a completely different atmosphere, and an opportunity. 

I see this as a fresh opportunity to start with new people and I am extremely excited to begin. So tomorrow I will eagerly jump into new teacher orientation with the same excitement and passion I would with anything else, and I look forward to reflecting upon the first step tomorrow. 


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