Finding My Beat



A new school year, a new school, a new job all started today.  Alright technically they started on Monday with new teacher orientation.  As I have mentioned before this school is significantly bigger than both my last school and any other school I have worked in before.  Today I met at least 30 people.  If I remember five of their names I am feeling successful so far.  With any building I am sure I will come across a variety of different personalities, but one recurring theme I seem to hear is that my new job is “a cake job” and that I am extremely lucky.

While I do love cake, LOVE cake, that is about as far as this analogy goes for me.  I have no idea how to do nothing, no idea how to make my job “easy”.  I have never been the type to sit back and let others do while I reap the benefit.  In my previous school I took on my challenges, attempted to make big changes, and tried to say yes to any kid or staff member who needed my help.  In a school this big, even with it split into smaller groups, I will have my work cut out for me.  I am excited about making a difference, about having the opportunity to make school better for the kids I will be working with, and teaching easier and more fun for the teachers.

I am going to continue doing, continue taking on tasks, and continue looking for ways to create a better education for kids.  Those are lofty goals for year one where EVERYTHING is new, but when everything is new it is important to fall back on what you know.


2 thoughts on “Finding My Beat

  1. Love your honesty here–and, really, is any job working in education (super complex and fascinating process) with people (super complex and fascinating creatures) and inspiring change (super complex and fascinating process) ever A PIECE OF CAKE?! No way. #sunchatbloggers

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