Building With Imagination

I have been making a lot of games lately.  Over the past few weeks I have been pushing the depths of my own creativity togame-amker build games for various purposes using simple, easy to reproduce tools.  Between choose your own path (adventure seems like the wrong word when trying to survive the Great Depression) and Digital BreakoutEDU games I have been consumed by game making so much so, I often feel like the head game maker for the Hunger Games (only I am pretty sure  no one dies.)

If you are familiar with frequency illusion or the Baader-Meinhof phenomena you will understand what I am currently experiencing.  Everything I am seeing is being translated into riddles, clues, alternate paths, and puzzles.  I am finding ways to repurpose simple things to make mind bending challenges.  I believe these to be enjoyable, meaningful learning experiences for my students.  I also worry that in my excitement as I travel deeper down this rabbit hole, I will become too dependent upon something simply because I enjoy it.

I am enjoying this process because I get to push the boundaries of new technologies and their applications.  I have always had an active mind.  This is a way to engage that mind and challenge myself to learn more.  While I am conscious of potential to overuse these tools as experiences for my students, I am also eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to create, the chance to gain feedback, and create something better.  I love doing this, and I love when others enjoy or are inspired by my creations.  So, please feel free to try some of them.

Digital Breakouts:

Let the Race Begin

Cracking Enigma

Frosty’s Missing Magic Hat

Rescue El Copa Mundial

Pi Day Challenge

Choose a Path:

The Great Depression (see link above)

and my newest hybrid

The Case of the Missing Torch inspired by a childhood favorite: Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

This list doesn’t include games I have made that are content specific for my teachers, just things that I have done for fun. Yes, I am a little crazy for doing these things for fun, but these things engage my mind.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you are ever inspired to create them, please know I am happy to help!



3 thoughts on “Building With Imagination

  1. For what it’s worth, I find building and creating riddles & puzzles fun too, so much so that I spend a chunk of my limited free time doing it. I backed off on giving my games to my students because I was fearful I was overusing them, but then I had a bunch of students ask why they haven’t gotten a new game in awhile – so I guess they do like it after all :-)!

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