The Road Goes Ever On

For almost four years I have maintained this space as a place for me to share my reflections, ideas, thoughts, and recommendations on all things in education and beyond.  I have found incredible value in using the space to think through and begin to understand all that I have seen in my career.  This space has been good to me, and for a while, I was good to it.

Over the past year or so I have moved away from blogging. In part, because of the various other projects, I have been building upon, but in part, because I wasn’t sure what else to say.  After having written somewhere between 400-500 blog posts it almost seemed like I may never feel moved to write this blog again.  But I have found a renewed vigor and passion for this space.

Over the past six months, I have been pouring my soul into a new project. The Teacher’s Journey.  In it’s most simplistic form it is a book about life, learning, and helping others.  To me, however, it is so much more than that.  It is the romance I have with education and where I see myself in it now.  It is no longer enough to just be great in my classroom, I only get to teach so many kids in my career after all.

The Teacher’s Journey, the book, the podcast, and now this blog will be devoted to helping teachers recognize who they are, what they need to thrive, and how we can all give that back to others.  This is just the beginning. The calm road that leads from home.  Though we all may view the paths we walk in different ways, none of us should have to walk them alone.  I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with any and all of you that care to share the road.  You will be able to follow along with the entire Teacher’s Journey at 



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