Back to the Start

When I first started using twitter I felt like I was learning a lot of great things. Within a few months I had decided to start a chat.   Some of you that have been on the twitter for a while may remember #tleadchat as a place for me to indulge my inquisitive nature, and then a place where I pushed to help other people learn to ask questions for themselves as well.  It was a great chat, until I started feeling like I had run out of questions.  I had nothing more to ask…

That is, of course, absurd. I had plenty more to learn, and I have always had questions. I just stopped asking them on twitter because people didn’t always want to answer the hard questions in that space. I have decided however, after a recent question I posed to the edutwitter community, that I want to begin asking more questions again.  Rather than start a new chat, I am simply going to post them to #theteachersjourney  as a slow chat style throughout the summer.  Not everything will come from the book, in fact, much if it might now.  I am going to just go back to asking whatever questions aresd in my mind.

I would love for many of you to join me this summer for a Teacher’s Journey SlowChat! Starting soon, check the # for #theteachersjourney and find the available question for the day.


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