#ARVRinEDU at #ISTE18 for #NotatISTE Day 3

Today in #ARVRinedu at #iste18

Today was a huge day in ARVRinEDU at ISTE. From the many great presentations at the CoSpaces booth, to the VR Podcast crew interviewing and sharing great things from the Unity booth, the crowds packed in to see Merge’s booth, to the (I believe) first ever VEN Network Playground themed: Ready Player One, immersive technology was abundant in Chicago on Monday.  Here are some highlights:

Thanks to Michael Fricano the sessions at the CoSpaces booth were broadcast throughout the day. Here are links to the Facebook Live videos: Collecting them all into a post:

Faith Plunkett: Getting Started with CoSpaces Edu


Darcy Grimes: CoSpaces Edu in the Literacy Classroom


Rachelle Berquist Poth: Creativity + Collaboration


Explore the booth!


Impromptu student presentation by Hasten Hebrew Community School


View the slides from this great session by Maria Galanis and Andrea Trudeau: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XnZVjhxAE4W39YZf_8jIMgVmmq_UTlKtV1FSLVxTUJA/template/preview#slide=id.g1bec4aa07b_0_0

There was also a buzz over at Unity which is expected to continue tomorrow with lots of great guests. The VR Podcast did a series of short interviews:

Azine Davoudzadeh, Rosemary Sirmans, and Millennia Piasecka all share about 5 minutes each with the VR Podcast Group: https://anchor.fm/s/3364e28/podcast/rss

Mark Super shared the amazing things going on his classroom where his students are creating VR experiences using Unity.

Here is his site with the slides: http://grit9.com


The Merge booth also drew in a big crowd.


There are some great things happening with Merge and CoSpaces to bring more adaptive AR Creation. Look for more on those in the recap tomorrow, as well as some insight from DogsHead Simulations and hopefully some more great ARVRinEDU companies in a new section highlighting the new things that are being released up to and around this year’s ISTE.

Finally: The VEN Playground was a hit. Lots of great things shared, but importantly, lots of people being exposed to the power and possibility of immersive technology.

Of course there was SO much more happening at ISTE today, but this is at least a little flair.

Tomorrow there are tons more great things happening. Meet up with Azine at the Unity booth, or Michael Fricano shares his presentation at the CoSpaces booth.

There are more great CoSpaces sessions the horizon.  There will also be great sessions happening all over.  The most exciting, and the scope I will be on the look out for tomorrow is the ARVRinEDU meet up at the Merge booth!

For some of the previous schedules check the 1st Blog or the 2nd Blog.

There is so much going on in our community at ISTE this year that I cannot keep up.  I am looking forward to the greatness that comes out tomorrow!


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