#ARVRinEdu at #ISTE18 for #NOTatISTE Day 4

Welcome to the 4th Day of ARVRinEDU’s recap of ISTE18.  While I have heard many different perspectives coming from this year’s ISTE event, many good, a few bad, and lots between.  All I have noticed (because I truly only have time to focus on this one small aspect) is the incredible Immersion Tech explosion this year.  I will be doing my official video recap tomorrow, but let’s just say, if there was a winner for this ISTE, I think AR/VR/MR is it.

My highlights from ISTE today include more great sessions at the CoSpaces Booth, more incredible guests on the VR Podcast, and what appeared to be an epic ARVRinEDU gathering at the MERGE Booth today.

I am looking forward to the final day of ISTE18. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing with me over the past few days, without your sharing I wouldn’t have been able to share all these incredible things.

Here are all the recordings from the CoSpaces Edu #ISTE18 booth on June 26th:

Sarah Grack: Creating Lessons That Come to Life

@Stephanie Wieczorek: Design & Experience, It’s Elementary

Meet the CoSpaces Edu Team!

⁉️Win a FREE PRO License for CoSpaces Edu: watch the end and guess which hobbie belongs to each team member!⁉️

Amanda Fox: The 4 Cs of CoSpaces Edu

Michael Fricano (EdTechnocation): Storytelling, Visual Learning, and Creativity

The Crew of the Virtual Reality Podcast interviewed the amazing Mark Suter:

Here is the 5 minutes with Mark: https://twitter.com/el_chakka/status/1011622720449253377?s=12

Here is their Livestream with El Chakka! Kevin Chaja https://www.facebook.com/amanda.fox.stem/videos/10211280012386002/?t=22

Kevin also made an amazing app for the ARVRinEDU Get together and shared some great stuff on top of that!



Interesting research here: ADVR

Some images from the VR Podcast and some Meetups of the ARVRinEDU crew!MeetUP1MeetupVRpod


Phil Hintz sharing on Merge Cubes.Panel



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