Lunchroom Blues

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lunchroom Blues

We have almost all been there.  After a tough morning we walk into Teacher’s lunchroom and for the short time you get to let your self relax, you are bombarded with negative comments and complaining. You head back to your classroom and you are weighed down by all the negativity. Likewise, on days when things are going great, those negative comments can drag you down. So what can we do to keep the Lunchroom Blues from ruining your day and maybe more?
When I first started teaching I followed some good advice that came from a former principal. He told me, “stay out of the lunchroom, nothing good can happen in there!”  For a while I was convinced he was right. As I started to get more comfortable in my career I began venturing out into the lunchroo , where I found a mix of good and bad. Eating with fellow teachers has given me a few great benefits. It hped develop my relationship with my coworkers, which helped in getting better at working collaboratively.  It has also privided me with ideas for my own classroom when listening to successes.  There have also been some drawbacks, and nothing as bad as those Lunchroom Blues.
I would argue that the benefits of being in the lunchroom make it worth the fight. I understand that some days we all need to vent and the Lunchroom can be a great place to do it. But as teachers and leaders, it is up to us to help our fellow teachers pull through and overcome that stressful time. Instead of comiserating, we should be offering support, ideas to help, or changing the mood to a more positive atmosphere.  It is up to us to save the lunchroom as a place where teachers can vent and share while at the same time helping to make each other better.
We need to help our fellow teachers. This is just one small way that you can help make one another better.  If we can commit to this small change, all of us will have better days and a better year!
Thanks for reading!

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