Passion – Start Lighting Fires With Your Own!


Thus begins my blogging journey into Lead Like a PIRATE. I started with a question: Are you the Captain of your ship? What does it mean to be a leader who follows Dave Burgesss’s PIRATE philosophy? That is too big to tackle in just one blog, so I will simply split them in the logical progression.
As I explore each topic, I hope to find that a true PIRATE leader is genuinely able to answer yes to the initial question.

So let’s start with Passion. If teachers need to find passion in their content, their love of students and learning and personal passions, then what ignites the daily passion of a leader? As is the case with teachers, if you only have one source of passion, you will find yourself underwhelming. Great leaders inspire and empower those around them to greatness.

No matter what your discipline, a great leader is passionate about what their employees do each day. Educational leaders must have a passion and love for teaching.  I am not saying you have to be a great teacher to be a great leader, but that you must get excited about great teaching. If being around great teaching or helping teachers become great lights your flame, that is a good start.

Second, (maybe first if you are ordering them in value) Educational leaders need to be passionate about students. Some days when things have got you down, get in the classroom, lunchroom, hallways and visit some students. Being with students is a passion that leaders need to rediscover for themselves, and everyone in their school.  After all, education is about the learner.  If great learners do not inspire you, education in General is not for you!

Last, be passionate about learning on your own.  I love the idea from the Principal Cast crew that Twitter, blogging, using your PLN for professional development is a personal passion.  If teachers and students see you emblazoned with passion for new ideas, they will not only take interest in your ideas, but follow your example and find passions of their own to explore!

I recently read something in my PLN that made me laugh… Are you putting out fires or igniting them. It becomes easy to get I to the habit of putting out fires every day, break the mold and inspire. Inspire a spark that will set the day ablaze, How? Spread the excitement by lighting yourself on fire with enthusiasm and passion. As Dave Burgess says, ” People will come for miles to watch it you burn.” (From Dave Burgess’s Teach Like a PIRATE)


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