Leading & Managing 69:365

Being a leader in education is important as both a teacher and a future administrator.  Often people talk about the leadership side of our profession because it is glitzy and glamourous.  We rarely discuss the other side, the plain, boring, side of education as it pertains to administration, management.

Leading is important.  We must be leaders.  Being a leader can mean many things and we take that role in many different ways.  We lead as teachers, learners, administrators, and in so many other ways.  I also frequently see talk about management in the classroom.  What I almost never read, see, or hear about is the value of quality management for administrators.

It is hard to believe how the incredible connection between the two can be powerful, while a failure to have both can lead to administrative disaster.  Being great at one without the other will ultimately lead to you being unsuccessful at both.  It is hard to manage people if you do not lead them.  It is also hard to lead people if you cannot manage them as well.  Similarly to a classroom, inspiring those around you to be successful is nearly impossible if they cannot have access to the things they need, when they need them.

Managing is extremely important.  It is the suit and tie to the glitz and glamour of leading.  As both a teacher and an administrator you need to have a bit of both to be successful.


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