Building Leaders From the Middle 136:365

I am interrupting my scheduled posts about ideal schools to talk about a concept that I hear, and LOVE!  This great idea was one we talked about in one of my voxer groups today and yesterday.  I was very interested in the concept because quite frankly it makes fantastic sense.

While there are many examples of leading from the top, many that have even been successful, and there are also examples of grass roots programs that intend to grow from the ground up.  These are nice ideas, but the middle is a great place to start.

Finding those in the middle and engaging them as meaningful leaders is huge.  Leaders at the top can often lose touch with what it means to be on the bottom.  Those on the bottom often lack the experiences and perspective to understand the decisions being made (in a global sense.)  I don’t mean that these people are incapable of understanding, but there is something about being able to peak your head above the treetops in the forest that changes things compared to people that only see the roots, trunks, and leaves.

Those in the middle are in the incredibly important position of being able to both see above the treetops and also find footing on the forest floor.  Leading from the middle means developing great leaders in lower positions to better connect the layers of an organization.  Find these people, develop and engage them in the process of leadership and your message will be better understood.  Empower these middle leaders and your organization will work with more direction and inspiration than ever.



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