Culture of Passivism 114:365

We often avoid conversations about anything contraversial. We especially do this in schools. What message does this send to iur kids? What are we teaching them when we are modeling discomffort with contraversy?

By our own actions we are perpetuating the stereotypes that create discomfort. People who are uncomfortable with difficult discussions are making it clear that topics like race, gender, socio-economic, and sexual orientation equality are not socially acceptable discussions. We brush over these important debates, pushing the real issues and real solutions down fhe line.

When we make the conversations more common, the tensions will decrease over time.

As kids see us being comfortable with the idea that we do not know what others experiences are like and see us willing to learn from how they experience these issues, the “touchy” nature of the conversations will become less significant.

If our goal is to develop kids with an open mind, willing to learn from other cultures and perspectives, then we need to demonstrate that ourselves. Be willing to have difficult conversations with kids, model the apropriate open-mindedness and be willing to listen.


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